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Anping XinXin Tail & Mane Co.,Ltd offers products in three major series: Horse tail hair and other horse hair products; horse tail hair processed fabrics; animal fine hair and other animal hair products.

Horse Tail Hair Series:
  • Horse Tail Hair
  • : We offer horse tail hair in double drawn and single drawn. In natural color of white, black, gray, brown and mixed. Also offer bleached white horse tail hair at customers request.
  • Bow Hair
  • : We offer carefully prepared horse tail hair at the length of 24" up for strings of musical instruments. Well sold abroad.
  • Other Horse Hair Products: Besides full size of dressed horse tail hair, we also supply horsehair wefting/strip, dressed horse mane hair and other horse hair products.
  • Horse Mane Hair
  • : We provide single drawn horse mane hair in the color of white, black, gray, mixed and brown; double drawn horse mane hair in the color of white, black, gray and mixed.

    Horse Tail Hair Fabric Series:
  • Horse Tail Hair Lining Cloth: I deal for chest lining, collar and shoulder pad in making of business suit, overcoats and other high grade garments.
  • Horse Tail Hair Fabric for Industrial Use
  • : In plain weave and jacquard weave. In beautiful colors and designs. Widely used in making handbags, wallets cases, backs of chair, cushions, shoes, caps, sofa, etc.

    Animal Hair Series:
  • Goat Hair
  • : We offer goat fine hair, goat guard hair, lamb guard hair and other goat hair in quantity. Among these, goat guard hair and lamb guard hair are mainly used for weaving for industrial felt.
  • Bristles
  • : We offer bristles processed in different ways according to customers specific requirements. They can be washed, boiled or bleached, even dyed into different colors.
  • Animal Fine Hair
  • : We offer a variety of animal fine hair, raccoon dog hair, badger hair, yellow weasel tail hair, squirrel hair, etc.

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    Our Major Products are as follows:
    horse hair Horse Tail Hair
    horse hair Other Horse Hair Products
    bow hair Bow Hair
    goat hair Goat Hair
    horse hair lining cloth Horse Hair Lining Cloth
    horse tail hair fabric Horse Tail Hair Fabric
    animal fine hair Animal Fine Hair
    bristle Bristles
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