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Bristles: Boiled and Bleached

We supply bristles washed, boiled and bleached in the color of natural black, natural yellow, natural white, natural gray and bleached white. We can also supply dyed black, dyed yellow bristles.
Boiled Bristles
Bristles become more straight and elastic after being boiled. Enjoy better property than washed bristle when applied to making of brushes for industrial and daily use.
  • Color: Black, natural white, gray
  • Length: 44mm to 152mm up
  • Black: 40% to 80%
  • Gray: 40% to 80%
  • White: 44mm to 152mm: 55% to 90%
  • Tips:
  • Packing: In cartons of 25kg net.
  • Boiled Bristle:
    Black (White, Grey)
    90% Tips
    Black (White, Grey)
    60%-70% Tips
    Black (White, Grey)
    90% Tips
    Black (White, Grey)
    70%-80% Tips

    Boiled Bristle Natural Yellow

    Boiled Bristle Natural White

    Boiled Bristle Natural Black

    Boiled Bristle Natural Grey

    Bleached White Bristles
    After the treatment of being bleached with chemical materials, the bristles become brighter and whiter. Bristles are very straight, have very well-kept original elasticity, no bacterium, no bad smell. Widely used in crafts, shaving, food, medicine brushes.

    Bristles Bleached White

    Bleached White Badger-Imitation

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