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We constantly innovate traditional technology during process in order to produce quality products in the most efficient way. At the same time we adopt and develop traditional way of processing animal hair and weaving horse tail hair fabric, we positively adapt modern textile methods into weaving of horse tail hair fabrics. We are among the first in China to produce horse tail hair fabric jacquard woven, with polyester fiber as warp yarn and colorful horse tail hair as weft yarn, and we keep remaining as one of the most advanced in jacquard woven horse tail hair fabric producing.

All hair The horse tail hair manufactured by our factory has been scoured, clean and washed and has undergone a sterilization treatment .The sterilization treatment is specified as follows:
1. After the horse tail hair has been cut, they were thoroughly washed with soap and warm water containing 2.5 percent sodium carbonate in a washing machine for 3 hours.
2. They stood for sodium carbonate then they were taken out after one hour.
3. The tails were then boiled in water at temperature of 100℃ for over 2 hours, and they were taken out and allowed to dry. After being combed, they were tied with string into bundles manually. We can provide theVETERINARY (HEALTH) CERTIFICATE,FUMIGATION/DISINFECTION CERTIFICATE.

 We offer more designs for customers, we also welcome customers design processing. We have developed over 100 designs and specifications of horse tail hair fabrics for customers choice. And we are innovating more. Horse tail hair fabric weaving requires sophisticated technology and we have experienced professional workers to guarantee quality products and to turn your design into reality.

Besides, we also use natural animal hair material in producing various handicrafts and daily use articles, like drawings, decoration items, horse tail hair sieves for flour sifting.

XinXin follows the policy of long-term business relationship and reliable services. We believe this can be fulfilled on the basis of good quality products and we have set up complete quality control system for production and services.

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